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That doesn't really change the conclusion though.As for playing movies? It usually puts a black bar above and below the image. Therefore, unless you would be spastically scanning around the image all the time, you are going to miss most of that high resolution anyway. And remember, my eyes are much better than average. Now if that same television would be 4K, the recommended distance would become 33 inches, or 84cm. The resolution of your eyes drops quickly outside the fovea (you can verify this by repeating the acuity test while focusing on a spot next to the actual text area). Especially if this drops from e.g. As you can see, there is definitely a loss of sharpness between 2160p and 1080p, but it is not as dramatic as one would expect from a halving of the resolution. There's a very slight loss in sharpness compared to playing the movie on a true 1080p screen, but as far as I can tell, it's not noticeable. I can keep the conclusion short: the chances are slim that the average consumer will have any benefit from upgrading their home consumer equipment to 4K. This also happens with 1080p streaming Internet video, but in that case, it's usually dependent on the speed of your data connection.In fact, Blu-ray is currently the only practical format for watching lots of pure 1080p content. Share what's new in your life on your Timeline. This is not the first time digital image resolutions have spiralled out of control. Articles & News Forum Graphics & Displays CPU Components Motherboards Games Storage Overclocking Tutorials All categories GPU HIERARCHY CPU HIERARCHY Brands Tutorials Other sites Tom's Guide Tom's IT Pro The authority on tech Search Tags: Builds Cases Cooling CPUs Graphics Laptops Memory Monitors Motherboards more Peripherals PSUs Storage VR . .. I assure you, under realistic circumstances the average consumer is unable to readily tell the difference between SACD and a regular CD if they are mastered from exactly the same original waveform and played back at the same comfortable loudness. My complaint is about why do people force me to man up? There is this huge pressure to act like a man always? Where is my fu*ing right to be who I am and treated fairly? 69 answers Gender Studies 13 hours ago IF NUKES ARE FIRED AT USA, then what? 322 answers Military 2 days ago Is trump the best president ever ? 340 answers Politics 3 days ago If you had to vote again Trump supporters would you honestly vote for Trump? 35 answers Politics 9 hours ago If Jesus really existed how come their are no photographs of him? 84 answers History 22 hours ago SHOULD WOMEN WIPE their BUTT MORE THOROUGHLY AFTER POOPING to avoid staining underwear? 25 answers Gender Studies 5 hours ago How did Donald trump win if Hillary got more votes? 156 answers Politics 2 days ago SHOULD WOMEN HOLD OFF POOPING while eating out? 251 answers Fast Food 3 days ago How old are you? 818 answers Security 4 days ago Do you own a gun? I do.

This becomes possible at distances below 50% of the limit distance. Imagine I would be watching that TV together with three other persons who want to be certain to see all pixels. your projector. In fact, many people are perfectly happy with 720p HDTV sets even at higher sizes; we recently named one, the 51-inch Samsung PN51E490B4F, our Editors' Choice for budget large-screen HDTVs. Right. This is the highest possible frequency that your display or projector can represent according to the Nyquist-Shannon sampling theorem, at the highest possible contrast. A digital image (or video frame) is represented by a grid of pixels, and the resolution is the number of pixels in a given direction. 8a9bf390f8
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